July 15 - September 10, 2016


Nicholas Napoletano has earned a strong reputation for hyperrealist paintings replete with allegory and symbolism. Rich color and idealized figures populate his compositions which are stylistically in line with Mannerism and the High Renaissance. He believes the human figure "provides a vehicle to explore and document various facets of the human condition as they relate to both the individual and the universal whole." After graduating from the University of Hartford in Connecticut, Napoletano continued his art practice with renowned egg tempera painter Fred Wessel, an experience that further defined his modern and creative take on allegorical realism. Having moved to Charlotte in 2015, his work is already recognizable, aided by an ArtPop billboard and new collaborative mural in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood, both in Charlotte. Napoletano has been commissioned by private collectors and institutions and his work can be found in the collections of Amway, the Detroit Institute of Arts and the New Britain Museum of American Art.  


"The new work identifies systems, narratives and objects that were conceived with a certain function that has evolved over time. What is left is a remnant that sustains beyond the original purpose, giving these entities new meaning. Using figures and symbols, I show the relationship between these relics and their ever-changing contexts within a contemporary framework."