Installing Thunderhead

Installing Thunderhead

A few weeks ago we opened Brian Rutenberg: Thunderhead, the artist's seventh solo exhibition with the gallery, which will remain on view through July 21. Months before the exhibition opened, we were thrilled when Brian Rutenberg shared that the largest canvas of the seventeen he was sending would be fifteen feet wide.  The work arrived in time for installation and we were amazed at its complexity, texture and engrossing color.  It is truly a masterpiece. The painting and exhibition share the title Thunderhead, which the artist says refers to the feeling of something looming in the distance, simultaneously portentous and unthreatening, but heading your way nonetheless. Rutenberg lays out his thoughts in his April 2018 exhibition statement:

"...something far away will soon be close. This is why all of my landscape paintings refer to standing in one season peering ahead into another, longing for October in May. I always go back to the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh, who said that his favorite thing isn’t getting honey, but that moment when he might get honey. Perhaps this is the source of all art: unfulfilled longing. It has taken me 42 years of painting to see what was there all along, that something can only come to life when we can’t have it."

The painting weighs approximately 350 pounds and was therefore quite a feat to hang. With the help of friends from next door, we lifted and hung the painting into place. 

Please see more available works by Brian Rutenberg here. The catalogue for this exhibition can be viewed here








Brian Rutenberg