The Deckle Edge

The Deckle Edge

Roland Poska was a student of the place where opposing forces meet and part. He meditated on the power of natural phenomena like the soft changing of seasons and explosive collisions of tectonic plates. He was also concerned with the balance between the peaceful and violent natures of humanity, as well as our ability to push each other away and bring each other closer. All of these boundaries are rough and ill-defined. These concepts informed and defined his oeuvre, which takes the form of lithographs and collage-like cotton fiber and pigment “paintings” and sculptures. In all of these works, colors and edges meet at rough junctions. He called this meeting the Deckle Edge.


Please enjoy this 2012 poem written by Roland Poska concerning his artmaking philosophy. See more work by Roland Poska here. His exhibition Roland Poska  Deckle Edge is on view in the gallery September 15-November 3, 2018.


From a dry deckle edge of handmade sheet of paper,

the idea began to grow.


Perhaps everything in the universe, indeed the universe itself,

is the result of forces forever meeting, or parting.


Where forces meet, or part. 

From this eternal process,

everything springs eternal,


It is from what is unseen that everything manifests

itself in continuous shifting forms.


We Meet, We Grow, And We Part.


From nothing to something, the first is incomprehensible,

but, so is the second,


the process of creation. 





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Roland Poska