An Invitational Exhibition
June 9 - August 25, 2012
Jerald Melberg Gallery presents an invitational exhibition on the art of collage, featuring works by Felicia van Bork and Thornton Dial.

The term collage derives from the French coller meaning glue. Although the process of collage can be traced back to the invention of paper, it was Cubist painters Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso who coined the term in the early 1900s when collage emerged in conjunction with the early stages of modernism.

The exhibiting artists include Romare Bearden, Ernesto Berra, Felicia van Bork, Stanley Boxer, Thornton Dial, Raul Diaz, Mary Giehl, William Halsey, Rick Horton, Ida Kohlmeyer, Alfred Leslie, Loran Montgomery, Robert Motherwell, Manuel Reyna, Ramon Urban and Esteban Vicente.