Raul Diaz and Ernesto Berra
Dos Artistas de Cordoba

April 16 - June 4, 2009

The celebrated Argentine artist Raul Diaz was born in 1952 in Cordoba, Argentina, where he continues to live and work. Although Diaz studied architecture, he could not avoid the irresistible call within himself to be an artist. He is well known in South America and is rapidly gaining recognition in Europe and the United States for his compelling, dream-like paintings and sculpture. In 2010 Diaz was honored with a solo exhibition at the Museo Caraffa in Cordoba.

Diaz’s highly textured surfaces reveal images of boats, kites, roses, and shells amid peaceful figures. Evoked by the artist’s memories of his childhood, these mysterious images are deeply personal, yet they provide a comfortable place where we all may recollect our own family histories and consider the future.

Ernesto Berra, a lifelong resident of Cordoba, is one of Argentina’s most prominent and established artists. Since he began exhibiting his work in 1969, Berra has been honored with well over fifty solo and group exhibitions. Most recently the artist was given a major solo exhibition at the Museo Caraffa in Cordoba. His work can be found in numerous public and private collections, including the Museum of Latin American Art in California.

Described as an urban landscape artist, Berra’s collaged paintings often reflect Cordoba’s aging structures that have begun to crumble with time. In an effort to preserve a bit of the past, Berra will often visit such sites, gather remnants from decaying buildings and incorporate them into his work.