The Figure
September 18 - November 13, 2010

Jerald Melberg Gallery presents an exhibition celebrating the figure in art. The exhibition features paintings, sculpture and works on paper by gallery artists such as Romare Bearden, Isabel Bishop, Chuck Close, Raul Diaz, Susan Grossman, Hans Hofmann, Paul Resika, Manuel Reyna and Charles White, among others. Although we do not envision ourselves to be a figurative gallery nor are we considered one, it struck me that a significant number of our artists actually do use the figure, perhaps secondarily to their subject or composition, but still prevalent and relevant to the picture, says Jerald Melberg.

The human figure has been the subject of art for centuries. Contemporary artists continue to find inspiration in the figure's line and form. Indeed, figure drawing has long been employed by artists to develop and hone their skills as draftsmen. However, many artists paint, draw or sculpt the human figure with the idea of expressing broader themes than the straightforward painting of a portrait. This exhibition examines the use of the figure in art in three major categories: where the figure is the subject (as with Chuck Close and Raul Diaz), where the figure is central to the picture (as with Romare Bearden and Paul Resika), and where the figure is tertiary to the picture (as with Susan Grossman and Manuel Reyna).