Katherine Boxall Canadian, b. 1993


Based in Austin, Texas, Canadian native Katherine Boxall holds a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA from Queen's University at Kingston. Although Boxall began as a figurative painter, she gradually loosened her lines, breaking down the form of the body into broad expanses and elongated contours. Now Boxall works primarily in abstraction, creating lush, expressive paintings - often on an epic scale - using a mix of materials such as acrylic, spray paint, pastel, and oil.

During Boxall's academic years, she was the recipient of numerous honors and awards including the San Francisco Art Institute's Presidential M.F.A. Scholarship, the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Artist Grant, and the Clyde & Co Art Award. Boxall's work has been featured in selected exhibitions across Canada, Australia and the United States, including a recent solo exhibition at the Mint Museum of Art. 

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