Thomas McNickle: The Pond

March 11 - April 24, 2021
Artist Statement


Just a few miles from my home is a small pond no larger than my studio.  Its presence is hidden from most people by the several large willows and other vegetation growing up along its banks.  It is a small and isolated microcosm of nature, revealing itself to only the most persistent and curious.  Although I had painted the scene before, I had not dealt with it as a cohesive body of work.   


The core of this exhibition is a group of paintings of the pond and its wonderful reflective beauty.  I have painted it in the crisp morning light, the heavy air of afternoon and the warm glow of evening.  I have painted it in the spring, summer and fall.  As I painted, I realized how totally suffused my aesthetic had become by this small, intimate place that nature had given me.  It has been a most cathartic experience.

                                                                                                        - Thomas McNickle


Jerald Melberg Gallery proudly presents an exhibition of new landscape paintings by veteran gallery artist Thomas McNickle. THE POND is the artist's fifteenth solo exhibition with the gallery. 


This new body of work centers on a picturesque pond near the artist's home in western Pennsylvania Amish country. Thomas McNickle's exceptional technical ability has been evident since he first began painting in his teens.  His work has been exhibited in over one hundred museum and gallery exhibitions and can be found in numerous collections including Butler Institute of American Art, Hoyt Art Center, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University, Gibbes Museum of Art and Morris Museum of Art.