Lee Hall: The Quarry Paintings

January 15 - February 19, 2022

Jerald Melberg Gallery is pleased to present our sixth solo exhibition for Lee Hall, focusing on paintings Hall made over fifty years ago of a quarry in Maine, several of which were exhibited at the Betty Parsons Gallery in 1975.


Whether it is the play of light and shadow on the craggy blocks of an abandoned quarry or the drifting sea fog covering and uncovering the shore of an island in Maine…Lee Hall may spend weeks and months telling in images the different aspects and moods of her object. What she is speaking of are adventures of her eyes.        - Excerpt from Essay by Wolfgang Zucker


Lee Hall (1934-2017) was a North Carolina native and renowned Abstract Expressionist, whose muses were the American and Mediterranean landscape. Loosely titled by the locale they represent, her poetic landscapes are iterations of the tradition of abstraction derived from meditations on nature, whose forbearers include a myriad of great minds from painters of the Sung Dynasty to modernist John Marin.


Hall’s legacy is one of an exceptional painter as well as a respected educator and writer. Hall stood with the great artists of the New York School, earning herself representation at Betty Parsons’ famed New York gallery. She also served as President of the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design, and she has written a number of books, including biographies of Willem and Elaine DeKooning and Betty Parsons.


Lee Hall generously left her estate to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. The proceeds from acquisitions of her work through the gallery directly fund the museum’s educational programs.

Opening Reception
Friday, January 14, 6-8pm

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Installation Views